New Beginnings

G’day! As most of you already know, I left Pennsylvania in mid-August to pursue a training school in Brisbane, Australia for 6 months. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into before I left and I feel like I’ve done a real slack job of keeping everyone updated. It’s not because I have … More New Beginnings

Brizzy Life

Hey everybody! Sorry for the late update. Apparently blogging isn’t so much my thing after all (not used to writing for others, I guess). Well, I’ve been in Australia for a little over four weeks now. We’ve done lots of lectures- Character and Nature of God, Father Heart, Worship, Hearing the Voice of God, Evangelism, … More Brizzy Life

A blog?

*warning to my sensitive friends and family: posts may contain brief strong language (love you, sorry) My name’s LeAnn. I’m not a writer, definitely not a blogger (so please, bear with me here). I’m just a mediocre lady living a pretty mediocre life. I have a lot of feelings (like, a lot) but, as is true for … More A blog?